bullet cinema is a hard-hitting production company that is actively engaged in producing boundary-pushing films with strong, substantive roles for women. The works of bullet will often explore the deeper themes of the female experience in a loud, entertaining way. 

Writer/Director/Producers Olivia Saperstein and Dre Boulet, and Cinematographer Max Lapointe met on the film festival circuit and decided that their film-making talents would be most effective in the fusion of their combined efforts.

They made their debut with PLASTIC, a short film about the misadventures of a blowup doll, and have since produced DEAD FIELD, and RECIPE, which have toured the international festival circuit. They recently produced a the debut music video for Boston band Air Traffic Controller's  new album "Black Box," for a track called "On The Wire."

Currently the team has multiple projects lined up, so stay tuned!

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